Ink-Daddy's Everyday, Low Piercing Prices.

Our piercer, Andrew, has been piercing for no less than ten (10) years. He was trained in Oregon and our customers love his work! Clean, professional and knowledgable, his work is as good or better than piercers charging much more money for the same piercings.

We pierce with only the highest quality tools and jewelry.

Why pay two or three times more for the same piercings. Come in and check out our piercer, Andrew, and our piercing prices. We know you'll be glad you did.
Lately we've been hearing about shops in the Salem area who are advertising free, or extremely low priced piercings. When clients come in for the free piercing they are slammed with over-priced jewelry needed to complete the service.

Don't put up with these under handed practices. At Ink Daddy's our prices include the jewelry that you need to have your piercings complete.

Never a hidden fee. Just the best piercings with quality jewelry done by an experienced, professional piercer.

Beat that, if you can!
Cartilage      $35              Tongue      $35              1 Lobe      $25
Industrial      $45      Labret     


     2 Lobes      $35
Eyebrow      $35      Navel      $35      Septum      $40
Conch      $35      Lip      $35      Monroe      $35
Rook      $35      Daith      $35      Snakebite      $60
Nostril      $35      Tragus      $35      Bridge      $45
1 Nipple      $35      2 Nipples      $55      Snug      $35
1 Fwd Helix      $40      2 Fwd Helix      $55      3 Fwd Helix      $70
  • All surface piercings start at $70.00 each.
  • Dermal Anchors are $65.00 each.