About Getting Tattooed

  • Never choose a tattoo according to how much money you have at that moment.
  • If you choose a tattoo according to how much money you have at that moment, you're likely to select a pattern or image you can "afford" not one that you really love. It would be better to wait and save your money until you have enough to get what you really want. Remember, a tattoo is going to last, in most cases, the rest of your life. Why select something less than your heart's desire.
  • Be comfortable with your artist or shop.
  • We are constantly hearing from our clients about other shops or other artists that make the customer feel uncomfortable while trying to get a tattoo service. We often hear reports that include being dealt with in a rude manner, or being made to feel their tattoo ideas aren't worth the time of the artist. This is ridiculous! If you don't feel comfortable in any tattoo shop or with any artist in that shop, leave immediately and take your business elsewhere. If you feel the artist is being rude, ask to speak with the Manager or owner of the shop.
    Keep these suggestions in mind when researching a tattoo shop or artist.
    Make sure the shop (or artist) appears clean and professional.
    Make sure the shop's lobby staff are attentive and friendly.
    Make sure the artist listens to your ideas and concerns.
    Make sure the artist is the person you want performing your service.
    Make sure all your questions are answered and concerns are addressed.
    And last, but not least, ask to see a porfolio of the artist's work! When possible, always look at the recent work of any artist you are considering using. Compare their work to other work you admire. You have a right to expect the best.
  • Be certain of where you want the image placed.
  • There can be many considerations when choosing where to place a tattoo:
    Do you want the image to be visible to everyone?
    Do you want the image only to be visible under certain situations?
    Only when swimming?
    Only in more intimate situations, as with a spouse or companion?
    Do you want to be able to select who can see the tattoo and who can't?
    Do you want the image to suggest masculine or feminine qualities?
    What is the tattoo likely to look like in 10, 15, or even 20 years?
    Speak to your artist regarding any of these concerns.